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Bonding Instructions for the LifeTime Lingual

Do not use hydrofluoric acid (HF) etching, and do not use phosphoric acid to clean the restoration. The fit surface is already prepared for bonding.

  1. Thoroughly clean the bonding site with pumice and rinse. Trial fit the restoration and the location appliance.
  2. Adjust the restoration if needed.
  3. Clean the restoration with Isopropal alcohol (included with the LTL) and dry. Verify that the surface is clean.
  4. Apply silane to the fit surface of the restoration according to the instructions provided with the silane.
  5. Etch the bonding sites on the teeth.
  6. Depending on cement, apply the appropriate primer or bonding agents. Always follow the instructions for resin based cements.
  7. Bond the restoration to the tooth with a light or dual-cured adhesive resin cement. Due to the precise fit of the LTL a thin later of cement is sufficient. Light-curing is preferred as dual-curing composites may cause a slight yellowing after curing. Fixing the veneer with a finger allows uniform distribution of pressure during cementation.
  8. The location appliance can be used to ensure precise location of the LTL.

Patients should be instructed in the use of interdental brushes and appropriate hygiene measures.


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