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Questions and Answers

1. Why is ceramic better?

Because of ceramics biocompatibility, bond strength and great aesthetics. LTL is made from a special hybrid flexible ceramic that does not chip or fracture. It is smooth, extremely durable and almost invisible.

2. I find it difficult to bond lingual fixed retainers. Will bonding the LTL be any easier?

Yes!!! The LTL retainer uses a positioning jig that allows for precise positioning but also allows you to clean up any cement flash before final curing.

3. Do I need a special cementation kit to bond the LTL?

No, the LTL retainer is bonded in place with materials that are found in the typical dental office.

4. Is the LTL difficult for the patient to keep clean?

Oral hygiene procedures are the same as the patient used while in braces. The smooth nature of the ceramic also traps less plaque than the typical composite and wire fixed retainer.

5. Will my patient complain about how the LTL retainer feels against their tongue?

Actually the patients usually remark about how smooth the LTL retainer feels.

6. What do I need to send to the lab in order to have a LTL fabricated?

Accurate upper and lower impressions or digital scans, a bite registration, and a completed lab prescription. Remember you can even choose shades to match your patient's dentition as closely as possible to give an almost invisible result.

7. I like to place removable retainers in addition to fixed lingual retainers. Can I do this with the LTL retainer?

Yes, a removable retainer is provided with the LifeTime Lingual and should be worn at night.

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